Black and white, timeless classic copy watch

Let the trends come and go; black and white are the most classic. Pure black is too low-key, pure white is too eye-catching, then the neutralized black and white become the role of harmony and never out of date. This article for the table friends recommends three black and white replica watches.

Rolex Air-King best14000-4.2 Unisex Automatic 34mm Steel

Watch review:

Rolex Air King replica watch, the launch of the style, has a unique elegance and high recognition. This watch uses the classic black and white color and has a 34 mm diameter suitable for many people’s wrists; the case is made of Steel and polished processing; the watch chain is also made of Steel, emitting a soft luster, which is very suitable for men who have their attitude towards fashion. Black baton dial design, with automatic chain movement, watch waterproof 100 meters.

Rolex Air-King Best 14000m.2 Unisex automatic 34mm steel

Watch review:

This Rolex air king type duplicate watch also has a classic black and white collocation appearance, a watch diameter of 34 mm, belongs to the wrist probability will be more obvious style, far let a person see you wear a Rolex, men, and women can wear. They are made of exemplary steel cases, wire processing, and rich levels. The brand has a steel watch band, automatic chain movement, dynamic storage for 50 hours, and a waterproof watch of 100 meters.

Rolex Air-King best57002 Unisex Automatic 34mm Steel

Watch review:

Finally, the modern design of this air-king replica watch is beautiful, the interpretation of black and white is different, and the texture is very luxurious. Watch diameter 34 mm, Steel to build the case. Dial using a gray baton design; the effect is excellent, and 3 points have a calendar window. The brand comes with a steel chain for the watch. Through the automatic chain movement, with 48 hours of power reserve, the clock is waterproof for 100 meters.

Summary: The above three Rolex Air Overlord-type copy watches have different styles. Which duplicate watch do you prefer? These watches are 1:1 according to the genuine copy; the movement is made of the top Swiss movement, case and chain are made of oyster steel, which has corrosion resistance characteristics. The black and white dial has a unique personality and can be worn by both men and women. The hour and minute hands on the dial and the engraved nails are filled with luminous material that can be read even on nights. We have adhered to the “control routine, create innovation” brand philosophy. Rolex watches can fully show your extraordinary charm and style.

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