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At that time, 116598RBOW was priced at 89,100 US dollars. Why is this watch’s price so much higher in the same series?

The mirror surface of the Rolex 116598 RBOW watch is made of sapphire, and the ring is no longer the conventional Daytona tachymeter scale. Instead, it is replaced by 36 gradient gems.

Natural gems are more or less defective, so the Rolex Rainbow Di uses gemstones will be optimized to achieve a pure, translucent, and rich texture, and the reflected light is very beautiful. Rolex selected and matched the 36 most coordinated color gradients among tens of thousands of gems. This is a very difficult thing. The 116598 RBOW is a small-scale production model that requires more than one gradient gem.So it is even more difficult to be able to produce the corresponding number of watches.

The diameter of the watch is 40mm.

The screw-in case back and screw-in handle design are standard Oyster case designs, which are extremely waterproof and provide a safe and reliable operating environment for movement.

The case is made of stainless steel. The appearance of gold is treated by the PVD electroplating process, and the color is basically the same as the original, very beautiful. The right side is designed with three heads, the upper and lower two are timing buttons, and the middle is the normal time adjustment head.

The watch movement is equipped with a Cal.4130 custom movement consistent with the original, which is accurate and stable and can provide approximately 72 hours of power reserve.

The Oyster bracelet made of solid steel is matched with the easy-adjustment system of the Oyster clasp.

After a short period of production, the 116598RBOW was discontinued. It is too difficult to collect such a circle of gems. What is even more difficult is that this is a small-scale production watch. It has to collect many circles of gems. Rolex had to stop production of this model after running out of its own stock of gradient gems.

In 2017, Rolex also launched a yacht with the same jewel ring. Because it does not have a gradual transition effect, 116598RBOW is more precious. This also caused the price of 116598RBOW in the secondary market to rise all the way. At present, the new, unused 116598RBOW even has A price of more than 300,000 US dollars is listed for sale.

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