New Year’s luck in the new copy watch recommended.

Today to introduce three New Year theme engraved watches; in the last one or two years, the watch continued to pay attention to the watch friends can find that a new look began to emerge, which has every Chinese New Year festival, launching the Chinese elements of the theme of the factors exist. Still, today’s introduction continues beyond the color on the plate; let’s look at the performance of these replica watch copies!

Replica Rolex Date Just Ladies 69178 Pearl White Mother 26mm

Watch review:

The first Rolex log-type copy watch is this year’s new; the overall design style is simple and clean, the watch diameter is 26 mm, the case is made of gold material, and a large area of brushed processing so that the watch looks very layered. The dial features a mother-of-pearl white-ruby dial combination and arrow hands. Being equipped with a gold watch chain gives a person a powerful sense of high class. In addition to the high appearance level, the watch movement is also excellent, carrying the top Swiss movement; this movement has the Observatory certification power reserve of 70 hours. Watch waterproof 100 meters.

Duplicate Rolex Date Just Ladies 69258 Blue Diamond 26mm

Watch review:

The second is a Rolex log for women made of gold and diamond. The 26mm diameter with gold watch chain is mainly in line with women’s unique, elegant temperament. The dial is a blue diamond with a three o ‘clock calendar window and a classic personality.

Replica Rolex Date Just Ladies 69178 Champagne String with Diamond and Sapphire 26mm

Watch review:

Last but not least, the Rolex Women’s Log reprint, with a gold case and a diameter of 26mm, provides the wearer with the ultimate comfort. The champagne string diamond and sapphire diamond dials are particularly advanced. The watch with a gold chain and the color of the disk match each other; the overall color atmosphere is calm, very noble, and elegant.

Bottom line: Over time, these replica watches are exquisite and unique. In the disk, presenting the aesthetics and mystery of time, this design is low-key and elegant and can be said to be the ultimate charm of these watches unique; it is worth savoring; if you are interested in these copies of the table, you can enter our website to choose and buy! Please get in touch with us if you need an original box, deep waterproof, or another strap.

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